On-site Services:

Infrared Inspections and Technologies performs detailed analysis of heavy mobile equipment by performing Infrared Surveys on the equipment and then capturing the interpreted data in our ‘Track and Trend’ analytics program. This provides the client with a customised, detailed analysis and trend of every component on the machine or plant that the client requests.

These programs and reports are tailored to the client’s requirements as part of our ‘Client Care System (CCS) and are delivered BEFORE the Thermographer leaves site. This allows the client to action any critical faults as they occur.


Remote Reporting and Analytics Services:

If the client requires an interpretation and report service, IIT can provide you with the correct thermal imaging equipment for the plant to be monitored, train your employees in the procedures of taking the images and through our server, interpret and report on the images through our track and trend system. This gives you the benefit of our experience and systems without the cost of getting us to site.


Remote Monitoring:

There are a number of fixed camera solutions available with programmable military spec pan/tilt bases. If you require fixed placed monitoring for you plant, contact us now for a solution.


Machine Vision Systems:

Improved vision for mobile machinery will reduce the instances of collisions and injuries due to unseen ground conditions. These cost effective systems will provide preventions in injuries and machinery damage.


Aerial Monitoring:

Coming soon are our drone mounted infrared monitoring systems. Monitor long conveyor systems and water pipes in shorter times, more accurately check sediment ponds and assess high risk areas with low risk means. These systems are under development and almost complete.