About Infrared Inspections and Technologies

Infrared Inspections and Technologies is Australia’s leading mechanical infrared inspection and condition monitoring providers. We specialise in heavy mobile equipment and fixed plant in the mining and quarrying industries.

We utilise only the highest quality infrared cameras, coupled with a powerful, telephoto lens, allowing our trained personnel to accurately diagnose mobile and fixed plant from outside the operating circuit. Thermography is a highly effective, non-destructive, non-invasive method of diagnosis allowing ZERO HARM to come to the operator. Our capabilities include but are not limited to draglines, excavators, all mobile earthmoving equipment, fixed plant, wash plants and suspected tyre fires.

Jeff Erichsen

Jeff Erichsen


“Continuous Improvement” is my mantra.

There is always a way to improve in life and in business. I believe that if we continue to learn and grow, we will live a longer, fuller, happier life and this attitude has insured not only the survival, but growth of my business and allowing it to evolve.

Infrared Thermography for the condition monitoring and diagnosis of mechanical faults in machinery has been one of the most amazing, educational and mind opening experiences of my life. I am also currently exploring it’s uses in physical training and injury management.

Through my dedication to education and affiliations with AUSPTA and the AINDT, my skill set in this area is continuously evolving.

Professional Background

    Level 3 AIR (Advanced Infrared Resources - Canada) Certified Thermographer.
    Cat 1 AINDT (Australian Institute of Non-Destructive Testing) Certified Thermographer.
    Active AUSTPA ( Australian Professional Thermographers Association) Committee Member.
    7 years of managerial experience in the repair and maintenance of Heavy Mobile Equipment in the mining industry
    Heavy Equipment Fitter at Burton Coal Mine for Thiess.
    HR & Safety Manager for Precision Earthmoving Repairs.
    Various Positions in the U.K in hospitality and Security Roles.
    Various roles over 5 years throughout Western Australia.
    Diesel Fitter for Hastings Deering, Mackay, Qld.
    Apprentice Diesel Fitter for Hastings Deering, Mackay, Qld.


    Level 3 AIR (Advanced Infrared Resources - Canada) Certified Thermographer.
    Cat 1 AINDT Thermographer
    RIIRIS402D – Carry Out Risk Management Process
    RIICOM301D, RIIRIS301D, RIIWHS301D (Qld Mining Supervisor Training)
    Business Management and Development
    Workshop Manager
    Diesel Fitter